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Simple Cider is made on the Huon Valley orchard where JR Welling first planted apples in 1897 and where five generations of their family have lived.

At Simple they don’t like to make things complicated, they reckon if you start with good fruit and have lot of patience, you can make cider without much interference or additives.

They prefer to let nature do its thing and let the natural orchard yeasts do what they do best and slowly ferment their fruit at cool and even temperatures.

After that a long maturation period follows, where their cider slowly but surely clarifies and mellows without the aid of filtration or fining agents.

Once it has become crystal clear,  the cider is bottled and left to naturally develop its carbonation in bottle.

Simple Ciders method takes them a bit longer than most but they think it is worth it.

Cider maker Patrick Meagher is a general booze-making and fermentation enthusiast. After having made ferments bubble in various parts of the world, he came to the apple isle to make life simple.

Ciders available include:

Available: Cox’s Orange Pippin, Granny Smith & Ginger and Wild Cherry

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