The things that make Tasmania a world-famous tourist destination also make it one of world’s best locales for making cider



Not to boast, but Tasmania has the purest in the world. You can chalk this up, in part, to the Roaring Forties. These winds blow any airborne pollution or nastiness away before it can reach Tasmania. Tasmania’s Air Pollution Station, located at Cape Grim and one of only 25 in the world, offers the proof of Tasmania’s pure air. While the average cubic centimeter of air contains 5000 to 500,000 particles, Tasmanian air contains 10 to 600.


Tasmania has a wide diurnal range – which, if you’re unsure, is the range between the maximum and the minimum daily temperature. Tasmania’s temperate climate produces arguably the best apples in the world.  


Tasmania has some of the cleanest H2O in the world. This combined with the high natural rainfall contributes to better yield and wonderful flavours.

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